You can make your website faster without redoing it

Having a slow website costs you money and hurts your reputation, especially for users on mobile devices. Modern websites, both on desktop and mobile, simply have a lot going on and this often takes time to load. There is a hidden cause to your website loading slowly, however, and it is likely due to something you may or may not fully understand, depending on your technical experience. If your website is an application that is using a database to load data, it is going to be slower than it could be. Combine this with some other features, such as loading the latest social media posts from your Twitter and Facebook account and you now have a page that is leaving the user waiting impatiently, and will result in some page bounces. But what can I do, I don't want to re-do my website? Exactly, you don't want to and you shouldn't need to. There are a lot of tools out there to build your own website such as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and so on.. You may have used one of those or had your site build with another framework and the thought of starting over probably makes you a bit queasy. The good news is, you can make your site load faster without having to re-do it. How can I make my site load faster? By simply using a process that "renders" your website. If your site is currently slow, it most likely is making calls to a database when it loads, these calls are time consuming and cause delays. If your website doesn't have user specific data on the page then there is no need for it to make these calls to the database every time a page is loaded. Rather, a process can be used that calls each page once and saves a copy, then these copies are pushed to what is known as a Content Delivery Network, which hosts the rendered copies of these pages at servers around the world. This then ensures the fastest loading time possible for each page. So this would cost a lot right? No, it is very affordable to implement this for your page and to have a process in place that can monitor your website for changes and then re-render any page soon after it is changed. Please contact me and I can discuss further.