It starts with research

Think about this first

Creating effective content involves a few steps, beginning with research. It is not possible to fully engage with an audience unless you either already are a consumer of content that is viewed by that audience or you do initial research to understand the content. Becoming immersed in the style of other content for that audience is the key to getting their attention. Internet marketing relies on being able to grab people's attention and the most natural way to do this is to create content that does not stand out too much as being an ad but instead seems similar to other content that they often view.

The first step for researching is to look on social media.

Facebook is the largest social network so it is best to start there by joining Facebook groups that are about specific topics. Checking which posts get a good amount of interaction is the best way to determine what is doing well as far as gaining attention. Make notes to save posts that stand out for future reference. Curiousity is important to take an interest in learning which topics and approaches may work well in creating content for this audience.

Research and preparation on a topic are the key to presenting useful information

More In-depth Research

While social media is the first place to look, to get the authentic look at how an audience interacts and engages with a topic, cross-referencing this with other data is important. is useful for searching on topics and seeing what keywords come up. These can then be used to search on social media to find more niche topics. Seeing what real content comes up and what is popular can further give specific ideas for content topics.

Getting Started

Step 1

Pick a topic and then search on Facebook. Make sure you can find at least one large group that is related to this topic. If you see a few large groups that is even better. Join these groups. Engage if you like, however, do not spam the group or in any way try to self promote. Instead, the goal is just to observe and learn to see what topics seem to be the most popular and gain the most interest among people in the group. For example, many groups will have people that ask similar questions over and over but with different details. If it were a group related to trucks, there might be people asking questions about many different models and years of trucks. Reading respones to the questions shows what people's concerns are and then a list can be made of more general concerns that people seem to have, that are more broad to the audience in general. Something that seems to be a concern for the audience is a great topic to gain their interest with web content. An ad can gain their initial interest and then the content on the page can further pull them in by further exploring a question that they may have already had on their mind at some point recently.

Step 2, More Research

Using a keyword search tool is the next step to further explore topics, use the initial topics you observed from social media to search using a keyword tool like See if anything comes up that may not have been obvious from the social media research. Making note of these additional topics and then searching social media, including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, depending on your audience, can hep to show articles and content that may have been written on these topics before. Finding content that has good engagement on social media and shows as having a prescence on keyword tools is a good way to make sure it is a well-rounded topic that has enough interest to be worth writing about.

Almost ready to write

But first more research has to be done. This time it is research about what to actually write about. You already know the topic from the steps above, so you have to figure what to actually write about the topic. Focus on how to write compelling content that is about the concept you have chosen. Being familiar with the principles of persuasion is very important for internet marketing. Please review the info on this page to get basic familiarity with these concepts. You can do additional research as well to learn from other sources.

Write the content

Write the article in a compelling way that will appeal to the audience. Images can be found on this site by searching and then can be used in the layout. Finding images that match the subject is important to gain the attention of the audience.

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