Typing for money is possible with typing jobs

Jobs for fast typers are possible to find. You can take advantage of your typing abilities to do things like typing in captchas, filling out forms and doing other typing jobs online. The country that you live in may determine what types of work doing typing you can find, as some job types may not pay enough if you live in a more expensive country. If you live in a place that has a lower cost of living, working a typing job that involves filling out captchas may be enough income for you. For people who live in more expensive countries it may be necessary to obtain formal schooling to be able to work doing typing of transcriptions, such as medical transcriptions. While you may have never thought you could earn by typing, there are definitely opportunities out there, you will just need to see if they are a fit, you need to do the research to determine which type of job will make sense based on where you live.