SEO Keyword Research Example using Google Keyword Planner

Work with us to create content that is SEO optimized. Our goal is to create content that identifies the needs of people and addresses them using phrases and terms that they are familiar with. You will be provided a starting keyword topic and then should follow the steps below to write your article. Step 1 Create account if needed and login to google keyword planner Step 2 Take into consideration the concept, in this example we are starting with an initial keyword concept of "hire a programmer". The concept is a person who wants to hire a programmer. The perspective for this is that we are looking for someone who wants to hire a programmer, so we want to find more keywords that are from the keyword perspective of that. The opposite keyword perspective, in this case, would have been that of a software developer looking for work. Some results may show that relate to this perspective, so we would want to filter them out. Step 3 Search for the initial keyword that you were provided and see which keywords come back from this search: In the example above: The search is for the phrase "hire a programmer" Step 4 Find some "long tail" keywords that are in the list of keywords from the google keyword planner and pick out a few of these. In this example, the keywords that relate to the original concept from step #2 are: hire a programmer find a software developer rent a programmer hire indian programmers game programmers for hire website to hire programmers Examples of keywords that should have been filtered out, as they are related to the opposite concept of someone looking for a job are: software engineer jobs near me software developer jobs near me software developer startup jobs Step 5 Pick out 5 keywords, at most, to use, create a new paragraph for each keyword. It is important to follow a process for the keywords to think of them as concepts and not just words to use. Group synonyms and then write a paragraph that uses the synonyms. The paragraph should be informative and try to provide useful information about the topic. This may take a bit of research to make sure the information is accurate. Things to avoid: Avoid writing about specific locations, as this will narrow the potential audience Avoid writing about things that occur at specific dates, times of year, etc as the goal is to make the content relevant year round and to not "expire" or get "stale". Avoid negativity, the goal should be to provide helpful useful info, and not focus on anything negative An example short paragraph written using the keyword grouping: hire a programmer find a software developer As these keywords as synonyms of one another, one paragraph was written that uses them both: Apply below to start working with us on tasks like this: