Sub-Contractor Ownership Rights Contract

This agreement is made effective as of , by and between StackSavings (the "Contractor"), and (the "Developer") and mentions rights related to clients of StackSavings (the "Client"). 1. Ownership Rights For all projects either the Contractor or Client will own all proprietary information as included in the Services, as well as all application source code, documentation, graphic designs, design concepts and content. All services provided by the Developer, including systems, computer programs, operating instructions, unique design concepts, other documentation developed for or specifically relating to the information processing of the Contractor or the Client, all of the owner's source documents, stored data and other information of any kind, and reports and notes prepared by the Developer, will be "works for hire" under applicable United States copyright laws, and therefore the property of the Contractor or Client. Such work may not be used by the Developer for any purpose except for the benefit of the Contractor or Client. Upon request, the Developer shall sign all documents necessary to confirm or prefect the exclusive ownership interests of the Contractor or Client. 2. Confidentiality Agreement by the Developer The Developer agrees not to share project materials belonging to the Client and to only keep copies of files which are needed for ongoing project work on the projects assigned by the Contractor for the Client. The Developer agrees to destroy any files related to the project upon termination of work on the project for the Client. The Contractor will actively control access to project materials for the Owner's projects and remove access to project materials, including code repositories, shared folders and project management systems when the Developer becomes inactive on the Client's project.