Indoor cats need to be outdoor cats too

People often wonder should cats be kept inside because it seems unnatural to have an animal like a cat always inside. Cats are intelligent, curious animals and should not be deprived of time outside. Keeping outdoor cats safe from predators is important and letting the cat come and go as they please is not always safe. The decision whether to make a cat an indoor outdoor cat or just an indoor cat is one you will have to make, however, if you have an indoor cat that does not mean they should never get time outside. All animals benefit from being outdoors and in the sun and cats need this for their physical and mental health. Consider how you would feel if you were to have to stay inside your house all day and never even get to go out in the backyard. Safe outdoor cat enclosures allow your cat to enjoy the outdoors while staying safe. The cat enclosure keeps them from getting out and wondering around where they could get lost or attacked by other cats or other animals. If you have an apartment, also consider a cat balcony enclosure where your cat can go on the balcony instead of in a back yard. Get notified of similar information: