Example Task for Creating Custom Layout

Step 1 Start with an open source layout: https://stacksavings.com/detail-post/post-customization-with-html-and-css-bootstrap-Z21eTbx/en Step 2 Go to the index.html page of that layout: https://github.com/BlackrockDigital/startbootstrap-creative/blob/master/index.html Step 3 Copy just the code for the body, so we are not copying the header or the footer. Also copy the CSS and JavaScript to include in the post. Note, make sure code is not starting off indented as that will turn it into a comment instead of real code. Check the example here where this was already started (go to edit mode to see the code) https://stacksavings.com/detail-post/post-customization-with-html-and-css-bootstrap-Z21eTbx/en What to fix Instead of looking like the body of the page here https://blackrockdigital.github.io/startbootstrap-creative/ (the example from the open source layout above), the body of the post https://stacksavings.com/detail-post/post-customization-with-html-and-css-bootstrap-Z21eTbx/en looks nothing like this. We want to make it so that including the HTML, CSS and JavaScript code would make the code look similar to the body of the layout.