Applicant Processing Steps for Administrator

Step 1 - Initial responses to reply from bulk email After an applicant has replied to an initial email, reply to them using the the email below so they can proceed to fill out the additional information: Hi, Thank you for your response. Please review this page and fill out the form if you are interested to proceed with us: Thanks, StackSavings Team Step 2 You will be provided with updated spreadsheets with the form submissions, look for ones that have and filter by these to find who has recently submitted the form from step 1. Add any new entries onto this sheet: Use this for updating the status on the different applicants. Determine if the rate matches what we are able to offer. When questions are asked that are not obvious to answer Please create an FAQ page for this job and add any new questions there (you can add the link here then too). Then the manager can answer these questions on that page so that there is one page that has all the answers to common questions. Once this starts to have some questions and answers we can start sharing it with the applicants as well so they can review. If the rate matches Reply asking them to start on the trial task. You will need to get their GitHub ID so that they can be added to the repository. Once they have given their Github ID, then you can add them onto the repository here with Write access: Reply to tell them that they have been added and can begin on the trial task. You can then refer them back to this post for the instructions for the trial task: If the rate does not match Reply asking them if they are able to work for a different rate. When there are questions or updates from someone already working on the trial task Flag these in the inbox and occasionally ping the manager to let them know that there are items needing review.