Anger Management starts with changing habits

Tom would come home every day angry and irritated... Yesterday it was his job, today it was the damage the dog did in the backyard.. No matter what happened, the reaction was always the same: Yelling profusely Kicking and stomping around and so on.. The thing was that Tom is actually a nice guy, he usually wouldn't direct his anger at anyone, and, when he did, he was quick to apologize... Tom had the habit of being angry, it was his default response when things didn't go the way he planned or expected. At work Tom was always on the go, drinking coffee throughout the day, keeping on top of things. Sometimes something would happen and he would get angry but would have to go out to his car to vent his anger. Finally, one day Tom had enough and decided he didn't want to be angry anymore over every little thing. How could he change this though? Tom had a lot of self reflection to do, where did this anger come from, why did he always feel as if things were not going his way? One day Tom was already having an angry day and was cut off in traffic and couldn't contain his anger and this led to an accident and a totaled car. The good news for Tom is that this was the straw that broke the camel's back. Tom finally decided to get professional help for his anger issues and now is doing much better. That's great for Tom, but he ended up losing a lot of money because of the accident and seeking professional help. It doesn't have to be this way, small steps are possible to change your mindset each day to become less angry and more centered. Until you try the small things why spend the money and time seeking professional help?