Workspace and productivity enhancements for your life

I am freelancer myself and recently was fighting my way up to get the most productivity throughout my working hours. I tried waking up early, started exercising using tools to keep record of tasks and reminders. Everything I did, helped me to make some improvement in productivity but still one thing I was missing, “a good well defined workspace”. I was working from home ( still I am ) and used one empty room to turn into workspace. Being at home it is always a bit disturbing with family members specially if you have kids at home ( wait- I don’t have kids… I am still young and unmarried guy ). Also in my room there was a small table I used to keep my desktop and laptop and few things scattered like wires, peripherals like printer and other paper stuff etc, in short it was a mess and trust me on this, if it is around you it somehow, someway affects your productivity and yea those kids i mentioned they are on other level of making the situation worse. Later after few months while I was still fighting with my productivity I came across some articles about “a well defined workspace” (example at the bottom of the article) and that was a missing clue of the puzzle I was solving. And you guessed it right, I was able to get things turned around very effectively in my productivity. there are 3 things I put main focus on. Keep the doors closed while you working – it will help you get away from the distraction fro other family members and yes “those kids” too. I set some specific time when no one allowed in my “workspace”. It worked pretty well Keep things organized – by keeping things organized I mean not just what you have in your laptop/desktop but also what you have on your working table and in the entire room aka workspace. It automatically looked more cleaner and saved bunch of time from looking for stuff when needed. A comfortable chair – this may sound silly or dumb but a good comfortable chair is precious gift for little “ass” which have to sit for hours to get things done. and trust me its not just for you “ass” it will help you sit in correct posture which lead to less tiredness. (NOTE: you can check out for standing desks too if you like to work standing) Try out these simple tips and observe a significant boost in your productivity. Once in while you can also go out and sit in coffee shop for change of surrounding which will help your productivity even more.