How to store cryptocurrency safely

Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies, like Ethereum and Litecoin, are becoming more popular. If you want to invest in these cryptocurrencies and keep your investment safe it is necessary to understand some things. Most cryptocurrencies have a wallet which consists of two keys. These keys are long numbers, one is a private key and one is a public key. The private key is a key that only you can know. You cannot share this with anyone else. The only time that you can share this is at the time that the cryptocurrency is transferred to another wallet. A wallet can be generated using a wallet generator like this one: There are other websites like this, you can search to find one that you prefer to use. The best way to safely generate a cryptocurrency wallet is to use a computer that is not on the internet. If you have an old computer to use, that would be ideal. You can remove the WiFi card, modem and anything else that is related to connecting to the internet. Then, you should install a new operating system. Using Linux could be a good choice, for example Ubuntu Linux. You can then upload the code for the paper wallet generator to a flash drive. Then, this flash drive can be connected to the computer that is not on the internet. This flash drive can be used to transfer files to this computer, because it cannot download from the internet. You can then generate a wallet this way. You can keep the wallet secrety key on a flash drive and alsoo print it onto paper. Make sure to never put this onto a computer that is on the internet and to never share it with anyone. The only time that you share this secrete key is when you are going to send your cryptocurrency to another wallet. You can receive money by using your public key. You can share this public key with anyone as it is not private so it is ok for anyone to know it. You can think of this public key as an address that is used to receive money into your wallet. The information above is meant for holding money in a wallet for an investment. If you are going to want to spend your cryptocurrency soon, then it may be not worth the effort of this process.