How to add forms in custom layouts

In Stacksavings the writer has the possibility to create layouts and make his posts look totally customized, but this funcionality is not limited just to the appereance. It is possible to add forms too, so these work as Stacksavings's forms. For these forms to work, you have to follow certain rules which are processed by Stacksavings, in this post I will show you the syntax to follow. Declare an html tag that acts as a container, this can be a form or a generic div. Each container tag must contain the class ss-form and add the attribute data-ss-form-type with a value that identifies this form. Add the number of fields that are necessary, each field must contain the class ss-field and add the attribute name and set a value. Add a button with the class ss-button . Example

<input type="text" class="ss-field" name="name">

<input type="email" class="ss-field" name="email">

<button type="submit" class="ss-button">Register</button> You can add as many forms as you wish, the only thing you have to change is the attribute data-ss-form-type in each form. The attributes or properties required are summarized in the following table:HTML tagNo of elementsDescriptionClassAttributeValue
form, divN by postContainerss-formdata-ss-form-typeIdentifier
input, textareaN by container or formsFieldss-fieldnameIdentifier
button, input (submit)1 by container or formsBotónss-button--`