Getting started with javascript functional programming

A style of programming exists known as "functional programming" but you do not have to have prior knowledge of this to work with us, you only need to have a willingness and desire to learn. Our Process We use the Cloud9 IDE environment: for team collaboration on projects. You will get to work directly with the project manager and lead developer as we have a collaborative team approach to sotware development and it is our goal that everone on the team can always learn from one another. The main thing that we look for in a developer is a desire to learn and a passion for software development with JavaScript. First steps We have some projects that we need extra help on currently, in order to be able to be placed onto one of these projects, we ask that you first complete a small trial assignment. This is a trial task that makes use of a concept from functional programming in JavaScript. If you are already familar with functiona programming techniques, please tell us this would be beneficial so we should discuss this further. If you do not, however, it is ok. For this initial task we would be asking you to make use of a concept in JavaScript known as Promises. Information about Promises can be found here: And here is a blog post with more info: If this sounds like something that you are interested in, we can give you the small trial task to work on. As soon as you successfully complete that, we can have you begin on one of our regular projects. Thank you for your interest in working with us.