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Fall is my favorite season.

Fall is a time for experiencing all that nature has to offer as it is the time when the weather and scenery changes the most. Here are some of the best ways to experience fall:

1) Go out for long drives with your family. There is no better time than fall to drive out in the country to see the fall colors.

2) Check out harvest festivals. Fall is traditionally a time of celebration and the cooler temperatures can make for romantic experiences.

3) Go look at the stars. Crisp Fall nights make for  a great time cuddling up with your partner looking at the night sky.

4) Go camping. Yes, that's right, you may think camping is only for the summer but by going in the Fall you can enjoy camping without the crowds and have more of a reason to cuddle up by the fire to keep warm.


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Jared Queers

" I love cookies baking.

During the winter, they have these candles

that smell like cookies,

and I always buy like a hundred of them."


5) Go hiking. Actually getting out into nature on foot is a great way to experience fall. In warmer climates fall is a great time to do this as the summer heat has finally dropped off.

6) Visit local breweries. If you're a beer fan, Fall is a great time to get out and visit local breweries as many have special brews just for fall.

7) Visit an apple farm. Fall is when apples are in season so, if you have the opportunity, visit an apple farm and enjoy fresh apples.

8) Travel. Why not experience what Fall is like in another area? The summer crowds have dissipated by now so Fall is a great time to get out and do some traveling.

As the winter arrives we get ready for the heart pumping adventures to enjoy the season. Going for snowboarding and ski becomes the best thing to do for adventure and if you want to take the game to next level, try enjoying snow scooters around the snow and enjoy all exotics the season provide.