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My mind was always racing.

For as long as I could remember I could rarely focus, not in school, not at work and not at home. My favorite things to do were watching TV and playing video games and I would always be looking forward to the next show or the next game, never able to calm my mind.

Calmness of the mind is so critical in today's fast paced world.

My mind wasn't engaged before

Now I realized what had been going on all this time, my mind was not engaged properly with all my time spent watching TV and playing video games. Reading engages your mind in a different way, as I have now learned. No longer was my mind sitting idle and bored, I was alive again and using my imagination. I couldn't get enough and I ordered a Kindle device and soon brought this with me everywhere I went. 

I never read, I had only read a handful of books in my life

The moment it changed

I was distraught more than usual one day and sorting through some items in my closet and found a book that caught my interest. Thinking I had nothing to lose, I sat down and started reading. Before not long, I was laughing, then crying, then laughing again.

Reading out loud is a great way to further engage your mind


Finally I had obtained true happiness and not a moment too soon...

Read More. Enjoy Life.