Create 360 image by your own

This tutorial will help you to create 360 image to share in Facebook
(for this you will need Adobe Photoshop)

  1. You need to download full panorama image with aspect ratio 2:1 (check example image below)
  2. Open new project in Adobe Photoshop and in new project dialog box mention width and height pixels in 2:1 aspect ratio. (check image below)
    (NOTE: width and height shouldnt always be exact 10000 and 5000 but need to be in 2:1 aspect ratio)
  3. Upload the full panorama image you downloaded at step 1 into the canvas.
  4. Now from File menu click on File info
  5. Once in File info menu check under IPTC section and click Import in Template menu.
    (NOTE: you need to import xmp file which is provided here XMP file download )
  6. Once file imported, it will ask you over write previous records, let it overwrite all previous data with the new one provided.
  7. Now you can save your image in JPEG. At this point your JPEG image is ready to upload in Facebook to view in 360 view.

360 view will only work if you use image with 2:1 aspect ratio.