Social Media Marketing 101

Today in every business, social media marketing plays a huge role to get the maximum audience by spending significantly lower price as comparable to any kind of ad ( TV or radio)

Even tech start-ups in IT getting heir hands deep in this process to get maximum exposure.

As we have been working on process already, we evaluated some major key objectives to start social media marketing.

Anyone with very basic knowledge can start earning from this.


Key Objectives:

  1. Share content from the website to your own group on Facebook.
  2. Share posts from group to your own time line to get your friends involved
  3. Share posts in other groups and pages to target the audience.
  4. Find relevant topic on Quora to post your content as answer to get even more exposure (Learn about Quora from here )
  5. Share contents from website to twitter account and friends to re-tweet to get bigger audience.


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