Writing CSS code is Easy

CSS is a very useful language in the world of web designing, it is not difficult to write but it’s very difficult to manage if the project is large, below are some point that helps to manage CSS in your project.

1.Don’t Use Global Reset: Using global reset to remove default margin and padding from all HTML elements is a strict no. It slows the speed and also makes code inefficient. You need to define margin and padding for each element that needs it.

2. Use Meaningful names for IDs and Classes: Correct and meaningful name of IDs and classes play a vital role in CSS. You should put some thought before declaring classes and IDs for elements so that they are meaningful and easy to understand later.

3. Utilize Inheritance: If more than one child elements of same parent elements use same type of style on web page, so defining them in parent element is better option.

4. Combine multiple Selectors: you can combine multiple CSS selectors into one if they have common style definitions. It’ll save you time and space.