Redesign Corporate Website by wordpress For FINTAX ACCOUNTANTS

Building a Responsive Layout and Natural Experience

Layouts were created using a “mobile-up” methodology, meaning the smallest layout was created first, and then built upon using media queries to change the layout as it grows to larger sizes. By working in this way, devices with lesser processing power (and most likely less Internet bandwidth) are doing the minimal amount of work necessary to display the page — allowing the user to navigate the site quicker. I used the open-source respond.js library to apply a fix for older browsers that don’t support media queries.portfolio1

All content images scale down to fit smaller layouts,

in the case of the portfolio items however,Fintax

required the necessity to display a different image on

smaller devices as the larger images lost detail when scaled down. I also use revslider for displaying the video on homepage and the side button and use popup press for pop up.

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The Fintax accountants site is a culmination of my skills, taking designs and converting them into a responsive, cross browser website, whilst maintaining the highest standard that Fintax offer their clients.