Receiving Bitcoin Payments using

Our primary method of payment is Bitcoin, which is a global payment method with minimal fees. This makes it easy for us to pay contractors in nearly any country and to be able to pay quickly.

There are methods to receive Bitcoin to your bank account, PayPal or other methods, so you can quickly convert Bitcoin into a method that will enable you to have cash.

Getting started with Bitcoin:

You will need to find a Bitcoin exchange that you can use to receive your payment. Some exchanges will allow you to do a transfer to your bank account, others offer a way to sell through a third party, such as a person, who has good feedback on their site, that can then do a bank transfer or transfer to PayPal, or another service. A site that we have had good experience with, as it supports nearly all countries is:

Another website that has info on various exchanges, for each country is:

Benefits of Bitcoin:

Very low fees. It can be difficult to use other methods, such as Xoom or Western Union for initial payments as the fees are too high for a small transaction.

Unregulated. Providers such as PayPal and Skrill are tightly regulated and will often suspend accounts with no good reason. Bitcoin allows us to get around this issue.

Variety of options. With Bitcoin, you aren’t locked into one provider are service. It is an actual digital currency, so you have options, in the same way you do when you choose what bank to use for regular money.

Fast payment, we can pay as soon as your work is validated.


Receiving Payment

Once you have an account on an exchange site, you will have a wallet, where you can generate a temporary code to receive a payment. This is all that we will need to send payment. More info on this can be found here. You will submit this BTC wallet code to us using a form in our portal, which we will provide access to.