Essus Innovations

Are you seeking to build your business profile within your market segment? Or have you decided to move your IT development offshore to reduce costs and increase competitiveness?

Essus Innovation Llp., is the leading business process outsourcing centers doing business with small to medium-sized businesses. As CEO of a leading outsourced IT company I am confident about offering the best business outsourcing opportunity in the industry.

We have launched new products related to call center, contact center, web-designing, chargeback, online merchants, ecommerce, etc., and we are striving to look forward to a successful working relationship with small to large sized business entrepreneurs.

We have two products in the market;

1. OutlayReversal Chargeback Application – Prevents losses arising from fraudulent Chargebacks.

2. STM (Service Tele Manager) – A customer support program.

In addition, Essus Innovation Llp offers the following services:

• PHP Developer
• Website layouts
• Website Development
• Web Applications
• Responsive Designs
• Maintenance and support of websites
• Debugging and Troubleshooting
• Migration of websites
• Server setups
• Technology Operations
• Web Design 90
• Graphic Design 85
• WordPress 7
• Desktop Application using .Net Technologies
• Web Application using .Net Technologies
• LightSwitch Applications using .Net Technologies
• WPF Application using .Net Technologies
• WCF Application using .Net Technologies