Content Partner Program

You can partner with us to write for StackSavings to gain exposure for your content. As part of our partner program we will make you an author on our website and give you a section of our site where you can write articles and then promote them on social media and other places and become a valued member of our team.

Benefits you get from partnering with us:

  • Earn all ad revenue from content that you write, once you start writing content and promoting it we will then place ads on your pages and you will get access to the advertising accounts and will be given all revenue from clicks that occur on these pages.
  • Gain exposure as part of StackSavings. We are based in the United States so can expose you to networking opportunities and potential clients in the United States.
  • Promotion of your own website and company, you are allowed to promote your website and company in your posts, as long as it is not spam.
  • Use our social media profiles to promote your content, we will promote your posts on our StackSavings LinkedIn company profile, Facebook page, Twitter account and more.

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Content Partner Program

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