Consultant Partner Program

We are interested to partner with remote contractors to help you in getting and keeping clients in the United States. Our leadership is based in the United States so we have knowledge of the business culture and practices here as far as how to best engage with potential and current clients. This program is free of charge to all consultants and we are able to provide you with various tools and guidance to help you, including:

Review of your company’s website, profiles, etc

We will review and give advice on how best to present yourself or your company to US clients.

Email Address from our domain

We will provide you with an email address that you can use to communicate with current and potential clients

Page on our website

We will provide you with a page on our website that you can use to mention your association with our organization

Adsense Account

If you are unable to have your own Adsense account, we are able to help with this as we can potentially have you partner your website with ours to benefit from our company Adsense account.

Technical Recruiting

If you are in need of programmers with specific skills to partner with or have on your team, we can help in providing skilled developers as we maintain skilled developers on our team.

Ongoing training and advice

We will work with you to improve your ability to deal with US based clients and then eventually the goal is that we will be able to have you work as part of a team for ongoing projects that are managed by our organization.

To get started

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